Works with Android & iOS

Auto Record Soccer & Basketball Games

Basketball Game Auto Tracking

Live streaming via Facebook & YouTube

Auto-Record Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Lacrosse, Hockey and Single Person Tracking
Advanced Pose & Motion Tracking Technology
Free Video Cloud Storage, Livestreaming, No subscription fee


Set up from field-side and you're good to go. Enjoy the game while recording on its own.


Save on phone storage by automatically sending footage to the cloud.


Live stream your game via Facebook and YouTube. Share recordings online.

Automatic Sports Tracking

XbotGo AI Sports Gimbal automatically tracks, follows, and records the game actions, so you will never miss a play.

Our built-in, patented algorithm and techniques enable your smartphone to capture every moment of the game.

Multi-Mode Recording

XbotGo AI Sports Gimbal supports multiple games, tracks multiplayer action with auto-zoom, and captures everything from a far distance.

Supported Games:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Ice Hockey
  • Single Player Tracking

Auto Speed Adaptation: Great for both youth and adult team sports

Live Streaming and Cloud Storage

XbotGo allows you to record and live stream your game at the same time. By offloading your footage to the cloud, you don’t have to lose the shot or take up valuable space on your smartphone. Your friends and family can easily watch the game in real-time or later online. 

support iOs & android

XbotGo APP

Easily connects the gimbal with XbotGo app via Bluetooth.

From the people
I'm impressed! The kids are running around and the phone just follows around. It's pretty accurate and it's good for the kids to review how they did and how could they have done better. Livestreaming is a cool feature as well. I will buy it again to gift someone else.
— Jill D.
I am a head coach for both a high school highly competitive winter basketball team and I coach AAU during the rest of the year for basketball. This solution is the most cost effective and it gets the job done. I expect to start seeing these everywhere like AAU tournaments and such from here on out. As soon as I put the system up, I had coaches and parents asking 20 questions each and texting themselves the name of the product. So far from the use we have done in recording our team games, this gimbal is more consistent than a human filming the game. I turned up the speed of the gimbal tracking settings about 10 percent to keep up with the transition basketball we play and I turned down the angle of pan by about 10 percent also so it didn't get lost by overextending past the end of the court. Both common sense adjustments. Overall a very cool and useful product.
— Programmergeek

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