Works with Android & iOS

Auto Record Soccer & Basketball Games

Basketball Game Auto Tracking

Live streaming via Facebook & YouTube

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Works with Android & iOS

Support iPhone 11 & later models, Galaxy S21/S22/S23, Pixel 6/7, OnePlus 9/10/11

Auto-Recording Smartphone Gimbal With Advanced Pose & Motion Tracking Technology

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Set up from field-side and you're good to go. Enjoy the game while recording on its own.


Save on phone storage by automatically sending footage to the cloud.


Live stream your game via Facebook and YouTube. Share recordings online.

Automatic Sports Tracking

Xbot Blink Focos uses a foldable, lightweight phone gimbal to automatically track, follow, and record the actions during the game.

Our built-in, patented algorithm and techniques enable your smartphone to capture every moment of the game.

Multi-Mode Recording

Unlike other players in the market, Xbot Blink Focos can handle team sports via multiple recording modes. Other gimbals on the market may be great for individual sports, but it can get lost when multiple players enter the shot. Xbot Blink Focos can actually track multiplayer action, auto-zoom, and capture everything from a far distance. 

✓ Game Mode: Soccer & Basketball

✓ Training Mode: Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Hockey

✓ Auto Speed Adaptation: Great for both youth and adult team sports

Live Streaming and Cloud Storage

Xbot Blink Focos allows you to record and live stream at the same time. By offloading your footage to the cloud, you don’t have to lose the shot or take up valuable space on your smartphone. Your friends and family can easily watch the game in real-time or later online. 

Xbot Blink Focos Presents

Xbot Go APP

Easily connects the gimbal with Xbot Go app via Bluetooth.

From the people
I'm impressed! The kids are running around and the phone just follows around. It's pretty accurate and it's good for the kids to review how they did and how could they have done better. Livestreaming is a cool feature as well. I will buy it again to gift someone else.
— Jill D.
The gimbal is smaller than I thought, the arm is foldable, so it’s easy to carry. The app is also quite easy to use, for daily sports recording, this is a perfect fit. For example, you can record your kids’ first score in soccer or basketball, imagine how cool is that! You can bring it to a weekend pick-up game, then you can share the footage with your friends and family. Also, you can film yourself in training so that you would know what that looks like from a different view. For me it’s quite important, I was trying to improve my dunking skills, but I couldn't figure out how for many years. After I saw the footage of my movements, I figured out that I should not just focus on jumping, I should pay more attention to my body coordination. This is something that Blink Focos can make a difference.
— Anthony Wilkins

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