Download Xbot Blink Focos User Manual here or watch the tutorial video.


What phones does Xbot Blink Focos support?

Xbot Blink Focos supports iPhone and Android phones.

iOS: iPhone X or a newer model with iOS 14 or newer.

Android: Samsung Galaxy S21/22/23 or newer series, Google Pixel 6 or newer, OnePlus 9/10/11 or newer models, Sony Xperia PRO-I, 5 III, 5 Ⅳ,1 III, 1 Ⅳ.

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How does Xbot Blink Focos follow and track games?

We use AI technology to detect the position of the ball and players, analyze the speed, pose and actions of players. Our patented algorithm will decide where the action is based on the information analyzed, and control the gimbal to follow through. In particular, all these are completed on smartphones real time. Even if the phone is not connected to Internet, it is still able to track and record. Please find demo videos at All demos are shared by our real users.