Blink Focos Gimbal T1 Tripod

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Dimension: 11" to 45"

Maximum Load: 6.6 lbs

Material: Aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Color: Black

  • LIGHT AND STRONG:The tripod is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The tripod surface is treated by anodized alumina process. Movable joints are made of stainless steel. Wear and corrosion prevention.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND FREE TO WORK:The snap point design enables users to quickly lock foot tubes into place for easy assembly. Easily mount Blink Focos gimbal, Camera.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY:Designed for Blink Focos sports camera gimbal. Give you an high angle to record basketball and soccer games. Water proof material is good for indoor and outdoor use. Good as a desktop tripod.
  • EASY TO CARRY:The tripod weighs 1.43 lbs (0.65kg) with 6.61 lbs (3kg) maximum load and 45.28 inches (115cm) maximum height. Collapsible to 11.61 inches (29.5cm). Easily held in one hand and fit into a handbag. Easy to carry.

This tripod is an easily assembled, light and portable gimble designed with Blink Focos PT smart-tracking.

The first section of each leg is composed of anodized and wear-resistant aluminum, while the other seven sections are composed of stainless steel for maximum stability. With its compact storage, the tripod is suitable for on-the-go photography, allowing you to easily install the PTZ tripod and enjoy all of your shooting fun.

The tripod is a light, practical, and cost-efficient choice for photography enthusiasts that utilizes 1/4 screws, making it ideal for a variety of devices, such as micro cameras, entry-level SLR cameras, camcorders and all types of mirrorless cameras.