Refurbished Xbot T4 Tripod (13 ft)

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User Manual

Download Xbot Blink Focos User Manual here or watch the tutorial video.

Product Category Smart Phone Gimbal Stabilizer
Net Weight 360g
Color Gray
Working Voltage 3.4~4.2V(Standard 3.7V)
Charging Time 80 mins
Working Time Up to 5 hours
Dimension Unfold: 10.2" x 5.1" x 3.5"

Fold: 6" x 4.3" x 1.8"
iOS System Request Support iOS 10.0 and up
Controllable Tile Angle +30°/-30°
Controllable Roll Angle +90°/-90°
Controllable Pan Angle +240°/-100°
  • Used like new condition, guaranteed quality
  • Free shipping and one-year warranty
  • HIGH CAMERA ANGLE: For soccer and basketball games, T4 tripod helps Xbot Blink Focos sports gimbal achieve a good performance and record at a high angle like a pro.
  • STABLE AND STURDY, EASY TO USE: Aluminum alloy construction and matte anti-corrosion black surface. The padded tote bag and accessories make the tripod ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The T4 tripod can be folded into the carry bag with the gimbal. The folded length is 3.95 ft (1.2 meters) with 8.16 lbs (3.7 kg) weight, making it easy for outdoor carrying. Equipped with 2 counterweight bags to stabilize the tripod.
  • FLEXIBLE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The 4-section telescopic center post can extend from 4.5 feet to 13 feet (1.37m to 4m). Tighten the screw knob to lock the tripod at any chosen height for reliable stability. Maximum load is up to 22 lbs (10 kg).
  • STANDARD MOUNTING SCREWS: Standard 1/4” mounting screw is compatible with Xbot sports gimbal, DSLR cameras, LED video lights, etc. 
  • AIR-CUSHION MECHANISM: The air cushion inside the center pole can absorb the shocks by a sudden drop, avoiding accidental damage.

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Set up from field-side and you're good to go. Enjoy the game while recording on its own.


Save on phone storage by automatically sending recorded footage to the cloud.


Easily share your live streams or recordings in HD online or with friends.


Through intelligent analysis of any sports game, Focos automatically selects key players to follow.


Focos is capable of tracking the target from a few feet to more than 160 feet away, suitable to myriad of outdoor environments.


Through game analysis and smart perception of distance, Focos automatically zooms in and out to always capture the best views of a game.


This portable, lightweight item is the best phone gimbal on the market – soon to become your favorite accessory!


Share your best shot on social media, send a link to your family, or email your highlights to a scout.


Focos supports iPhone 11, 12, and 13 Series up to 1080P and iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, and SE (2nd Gen) up to 720P.


What is Xbot Blink Focos?

Xbot Blink Focos is a smart tracking system designed for sports enthusiasts and their families. We can turn an iPhone into a fully automated camera to capture team sports with ease. Simple put your iPhone on our gimbal, along with Blink Focos App together, the system can automatically follow, record and live stream sports games like basketball and soccer games, with minimum interventions.

How does Xbot Blink Focos follow and track?

The video footage captured by an iPhone are analyzed by Blink Focos App based on the movements of players as well as the position of the ball. It would identify the hot spot during the game and determine which direction to track by sending the control commands to the Blink Focos gimbal via bluetooth. Blink Focos system can distinguish between players and spectators and broadcast the game in live time. 

How to set up Xbot Blink Focos gimbal?

Please have the following ready before set up:

- Xbot Blink Focos Gimbal

- iPhone X or a newer model with iOS 14 or newer

- Blink Focos App (downloaded from Apple App Store)

- Tripod (sold separately) or any other tripod with 1/4” head in screw

Put iPhone on Xbot Blink Focos gimbal, and setup the gimbal on a tripod on the side of the sports field. Open Blink Focos App, connect App with the gimbal, and then click the recording button and you can just relax. Xbot Blink Focos system will automatically track players, follow through the game, record it, and/or live stream it to whoever you want to share.

Note: we recommend the gimbal to be placed near the center line of the sports field. Otherwise, the tracking performance would be compromised.

What sports can Xbot Blink Focos support?

Xbot Blink Focos can support basketball and soccer games. For basketball games, it supports half court and full court tracking. For soccer games, it supports 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, and 11x11 fields. It will  cover more team sports, and adding more features like smart video editing and recording with multiple cameras (Focos Pro).

What phones Xbot Blink Focos can support?

Xbot Blink Focos supports iPhone X or a newer model with iOS 14 or newer. The support for Android phones is estimated to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Please stay tuned.

Do you support DSLR or mirrorless camera?

No, it does not support. 

Can Blink Focos be used as a handheld stabilizer?

Yes. Even though Blink Focos is designed to follow and record team sport games automatically on a tripod, it can be doubled as a regular handheld stabilizer for any occasions as well. Download the Gimbal Pro app for more features.

Where do you ship?

We are based in Mountain View, California, and we provide free shipping within U.S.. We provide international shipping with fees and deliver in about 5-8 business days. 

What is the product warranty and what’s the return policy?

Blink Focos provides 1-year warranty. We also provide 30-day money-back guarantee. Please check the return policy here for more details.

What tripod should I use?

If you are trying to record sports on a small field such as basketball court or 5v5 soccer field, you could choose our portable Blink tripod T1, which is about 4 feet tall and super easy to fold and unfold. 

On the other hand, if your goal is mainly for activities on a large filed such as 9v9 or 11v11 soccer, we highly recommend you use a 12 ft or taller tripod. It will give you a better tracking performance and a much better view angle. We are still working on Blink tripod T4 and it should be launched on US market early Oct. 

In both cases, the customized tripods should provide a great user experience. That being said, you could also choose a third-party tripod. Look for 1/4" screw in head. The majority of tripods on the market should support that and thus compatible with Focos gimbal. 

How does cloud storage work?

For now, we wouldn’t charge anything for the cloud storage. Feel free to upload your videos there and share with your families or friends.

Can you do individual tracking?

Individual tracking in team sports is very challenging. But we understand that our users essentially want to make the camera focus more on a specific person of interest. We are interested in making this happen in the near future. Please stay tuned.

What if I have questions and feedbacks?

You could let us know your feedback or even participate our Blink Beta program to help test new sports or new features. Email for more information. 

When will Android version come out? 

We are working on it and are currently targeting at Q1 2023.

Is there any subscription fees?

We don't charge subscription fee and there's no any hidden fees beyond the charge for the hardware.